MEDIU organized a gathering to present on the achievements for the 4th Quarter of 2016 on Friday, 13 January 2017. The gathering was presented to all MEDIU’s employees in the presence of MEDIU’s CEO; Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi accompanied by the University’s management. MEDIU’s CEO stressed up how the teamwork plays an important role to success. He also urged the staff to perform and expressed his acknowledgement to those who are dedicated in ensuring all the objectives achieved.

The University managed to achieved 87.90% for the fourth quarter of 2016. While the percentage of late objectives is 1.78%, suspended 1.53%, carried forward is 7.52% and remaining 1.27% objectives were dropped. In order to increase the working spirit and appreciate the effort of the staff, MEDIU rewarded the best staff who achieved their targets and accomplished their tasks as well as raising the level of quality and efficiency.

Al-Madinah International University(MEDIU) visited several Islamic government high schools(SMA) in the Selangor areas in conjunction of the Malaysian Islamic Higher School Certificate (STAM) result announcement on Thursday, 19 January 2017. Among the selected schools are SAMT Tengku Ampuan Jemaah (SAMTAJ), Shah Alam; SAMT Hisamuddin, Kota Raja, Klang; SAMTTAR Banting; SAM Jeram; SAMT SAAS Sabak Bernam; SAM Muhammadiyah Sabak Bernam and Kuliyah AdWaddin in Pekan, Pahang.

MEDIU was invited by the schools to set-up an information booth as an opportunity for the STAM school leavers to get more information on the academic programs offer as well as promotional activities by the University’s officials.. MEDIU delegates was led MEDIU’s Marketing Department headed by Head of Marketing Department, Mr. Mohd.Shahrin Ab.Rahman, Marketing Department executives namely Mr.Aymen Ayub Ibrahim, Mr. Azzam Ehsan Abduljalil Abdulrazzaq, Mrs.Faridah Baharun, Miss Nor Hanim Binti Khalil and assisted by Mr. Muhamad Iezwan Bin Ielias, Mr. Muhammad Raziq Bin Razman, Mr. Ahmad Nazrin Bin Ab Razak, Mr. Muhammad Arsyad Aslam Bin Mohammad Ali, Mr. Sayuti Bin Ibrahim, Mr. Asrul Afiq Bin Abu Husin, Mr. Megat Hibatullah Haziq bin Roslan, Mr. Aiman Sufyan Bin Aezman and Mr. Muhammad Ifdal.

The students response were overwhelming and majority of the applications received gave a positive feedback to know more on the Faculty of Islamic Sciences and Faculty of Languages academic programs.

Al-Madinah International University(MEDIU) received an honored representatives visit from the University of Jordan (UJ) on Monday, 9 January 2017. The visit was led Former Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Professor of Graduate Studies at Jordan University, Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Majid Al-Salahin accompanied by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arnaout. The honored guests was welcomed by Honorable CEO,Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi in the presence of Assoc. Prof. Dr.AB Rahim Ismail, Deputy CEO of Research & Development Division with the aim to look more closely in MEDIU’s implementation as distance learning education and its achievements.

During the visit, the orientation of the University’s education system is in the adoption of the latest technology as well as a pioneer in e-learning method in pursuit of global modern educational system were briefed to the guests. A visual presentation on MEDIU, its techniques and educational administrative process as well as on the technology infrastructure, overview on Campus Management System (CMS) and presentation on Advanced Learning i-Management (ALIM) were presented to the delegates.

At the end of the visit, token of appreciation were presented to the visitors and convey their admiration towards MEDIU achievements by stating in the guest book, “Through meetings with the CEO, I can see the views and ambitions of his in advance and enrich the university in the use of modern technology. I pray to God to give strength in achieving its objectives and may success be with the university in the global dissemination of knowledge. “

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) recently celebrate cultural events ‘World Day Arabic Language which falls on December 18th annually and were organized by the Faculty of Language and Centre of Languages on Tuesday, 27 December 2016 under the auspices of Honorable CEO, Prof.Dr.Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi. The event was attended by lecturers and students from the respective faculty. The program plays the role of the university in promoting Arabic as the main language of communication between the students and lecturers.

The event begins with recitation verses of Al-Quran and a short lecture on the role and importance of Arabic language was presented by Dr. Ahmed Muhamed Wafiq Othman. He also briefed on the background of the World Day of Arabic Language celebration. Dean, Faculty of Languages; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Daud Quadir Elega also gave a speech on the importance and beauty of the Arabic language and MEDIU’s role and contribution in spreading the Arabic language medium through its modern techniques learning process.

Among the main objectives of the event is to show the role of university in upholding interest issues related to Arabic language, to discuss the role and impact of the language in the present and the future as well as defining the roles of Arabic languages among other national languages around the world. With such event, it is hope that the Arabic languages can be uphold as a universal language adopted by the global community and hope all levels of society can fully support the deployment and development of the use of Arabic language as a whole.

MEDIU’s Research and Development (R&D) Division under the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Ammar Abdulwahab recently organized a training session on Writing Islamic Studies Papers for Publication in International Journals ISI/SCOPUS/ERA  on Friday, 30 December 2016. The session was presented by Prof.Dr. Waleed Fekry Faris, Director Centre for Muslim World Affairs of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and participated by postgraduate students from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences and Faculty of Languages.

The objectives of the workshop are to help the participants in preparing their articles for journal publication, to share effective strategies and techniques in writing a journal article as well as to assist the participants in publishing their article in ISI/Scopus/ERA indexed journals especially in the Islamic studies and Arabic languages field.

The importance of training programs offered in the development of researchers and academics skills and to promote research and academic abilities as well as assist faculty diversity in their scientific According to the new changes in professional roles and to provide them with a range of knowledge, skills and positive trends in the creativity of university teaching.

In regards to the recent news article published by local press, Harian Metro issued on Friday, 16 December 2016 stating on the withdrawal of university’s recognition.

The university hereby officially demanded the Kumpulan Harian Metro to issue a public apology to MEDIU in retracting the defamatory content published on the front page of Harian Metro to clear the image and reputation of Al-Madinah International University publicly.

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) recently organized the 2nd International Conference of Linguistics Studies (ICLS 2016) with the theme “Towards a Modern Vision of the Reality of Linguistic & Literary Challenges”. The 2 days conference was held on 7-8 December 2016 at Selangor State Library, Shah Alam in Selangor.

Chairman of ICLS 2016, Assoc. Prof.Dr. Daud Quadir Elega gave an opening speech in welcoming the participants of ICLS 2016 which was organized by the Faculty of Languages in the presence of MEDIU’s CEO Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi whom officiated the Opening of ICLS 2016.  The Keynote Address were presented by Prof.Dr.Subhy El-Bustaany from the National Institution for Languages and Oriental civilization, Paris with his paper entitle ‘The Reality of Arabic Language in European Countries”.

The international conference focuses on the subject of linguistic research where it can give aspirations to the language researchers and students in the field of language studies towards the 21st century as well as exchanging of experience and views on the language studies learning from various speakers in the language field expertise from within and outside Malaysia.

A total of 179 papers summaries were delivered during the session and 125 papers were fully presented during the conference which attracted nearly 150 academicians, researchers, students and practitioners in the linguistic and language field.

The main purpose of the conference held in two languages, namely Arabic and English is to develop a research and development department of the exchange of ideas among researchers as well as to benefit from the experience of the researchers who had produced a model of strategic teaching and modern linguistic theory and produce output which can help in the development of language study program in educational institutions and research.

On the last day of the conference, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi was pleased to distribute the certificates of appreciation to the overwhelmed participants and committee members who have participated for ICLS 2016. Assoc. Prof. Dr Daud Abdul Quadir Elega; Chairman of ICLS also express his appreciation to MEDIU’s CEO on his patronage and guidance for the implementation of the conference and heartfelt gratitude to the researchers and participants from within and outside the region whom attended the linguistic conference.

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) received an honored visit by prominent preacher, Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik on Wednesday, 14 December 2016. The honored preacher expressed his gratitude to the University’s management for the opportunity and was welcomed by MEDIU’s Honorable CEO, Prof.Dr.Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi in the presence of the university’s officials for a goodwill visit to view the march of the university’s unique and achievements for being one of the Islamic educational institutions in Malaysia,.

Honorable CEO expressed his gratefulness by the visit of the prominent preacher which enhances the overall university’s vision and mission in the field of cooperative consolidate with distinctive personalities. The honored guest expressed his admiration on the level the University’s has reached in support of the learning process as well as its significant contribution towards the development of the knowledgeable society more broadly with the support of technological means to support contemporary learning process. At the end of the visit, Dr. Zakir Naik stated in the guestbook, “Praise be to God MEDIU serve the Islamic nation and are seriously working to achieve God’s commands in the dissemination of knowledge, we ask the Almighty God to reward those who made it the best reward.”

Dr Zakir Naik is renowned as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion born in 18 October 1965. He is the president of Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai. Dr Zakir clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur’an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts.

Al-Madinah International University(MEDIU) received an honored guests visit from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Kuwait led by the Assistant Undersecretary for Cultural Affairs,  Mr. Dawood Abdulwahab Al-Asousi on Wednesday, 7 December 2016. The guests was welcomed by Honorable CEO, Prof.Dr.Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi with the aim to view on the university’s administration and goodwill visit between the two parties to strengthen mutual cooperation.

A visual presentation on MEDIU, its techniques and educational administrative process as well as on the technology infrastructure, overview on Campus Management System (CMS) and presentation on Advanced Learning i -Management (ALIM) were being presented to the honored delegates. During the meeting, they discussed several topics including the pursuit of the certificates issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait equation than the best interest of students from Kuwait.

At the end of the visit, a token of appreciation were presented to the delegates and later followed by an office tour around MEDIU ‘s academic and administrative facilities. The delegates were overwhelmed on the progress and efforts conducted by its Honorable CEO; Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi and convey their admiration by stating in the guest book, “Praise be to Allah for the golden opportunity to have a closer look at Al-Madinah International University university’s administration, and hope the university continues to benefit the world of education. May God continue to facilitate the university of both technically and financially, and bless every efforts and their importance to Muslims. “