In implementing and realizing the mission of the University in terms of achieving scientific and educational aspects as well as to gained recognition in quality assurance; the University has to go through a strategic plan towards being a leading university. These outcomes can be achieve by The National Center for Global Research Organization(Webometrics) in Madrid, Spain; a center which execute analysis twice a year which aimed at urging academic institutions around the world to provide scientific activity to reflect their scientific level.

With the grace of God Al-Mighty; Webometrics ( has released the first half results for 2017 that shows MEDIU earning its 10th place in the Malaysia’s private university level and 30th for the overall Universities in Malaysia.

Key changes for Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) for the first half of 2017 as follows:

  • Ranked 10th place in the category of private universities in Malaysia.
  • Ranked 30th place overall in the category of Malaysian universities; out of 403 universities and colleges.
  • Ranked 129th place for Southeast Asia region universities; out of 1,591 universities.
  • Ranked 1,285th place for Asia region universities; out of 11,477 universities.
  • Ranked 125th place in the category of Arabic and Islamic universities; out of 987 universities.
  • Ranked 3,947th place for worldwide universities; out of 11,966 universities around the world.

Honorable CEO; Prof Dr Mohammed bin Khalifa Al-Tamimi expressed his gladness on the cooperation given by the University’s departments in their passion and competitiveness in the academic scientific research as well as to elevate MEDIU in par with universities around the world.